Monday, July 20, 2009

1st Indian opposition party ? Since when ? - Haris Ibrahim

First and only Indian based multi-racial political party? - Harris Ibrahim

Malaysianinsider reports that Uthayakumar explained that his spanking new party, Human Rights Party Malaysia is the “first and only Indian based multi-racial political party which is in the opposition and which is not aligned to Umno/BN”.

Indian-based, yet multi-racial?

Er, how does this work?

If any of you can figure this out, do write in and share with the rest of us, will you?

In the opposition?

Since when?

All I will say is, Uthaya, you just undid all the good that came out of that rally on 25th November, 2007.

Well done.

UMNO will be drinking to your good health!

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